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2 Concrete Quick Repairs

2 Concrete Quick Repairs

Easier access

This apartment needed easier access to the walk way, residents had to climb a step that was causing miss steps when walking out of the car when carrying groceries or similar, and Total Remodelers just simply removed it and made it a flat easy access walk to their door.

Removing old concrete and wood framing

1w 2w

Let it dry


High risk walkway Gone

This quick concrete repair was a must, residents where having lots of issues when walking towards their apartments with this dangerous walkways, uneven slabs and angled walking are not safe at all! Total Remodelers got that covered.


Concrete Removed and Wood Frame Settled


3 Steps created and safer area drying


You need to have safer areas in your apartment complex and residence, quick fixes can save lot thousands of dollars on accidents and make your people feel better about your property.

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