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Commercial Concrete Lines – Total Remodelers

Commercial Concrete Lines – Total Remodelers

This commercial client needed the Total Remodelers Service to make lines for water services where there was only concrete! Total Remodelers brought water lines to the facility!

First Things First!

In any commercial concrete work there is need of a legal process that takes several steps, registrations and strict standards that are part of Total Remodelers daily work.


Permissions, construction banners and signs are part of those requirements. After that, we are ready to work.

Breaking Concrete!

We have a huge inventory of heavy duty equipment ready to break the hardest concrete, this machine cuts precise lines according to the 3D model that we had for the project.


Removing debrief and even surface for pipes


We make sure there is no inclination on the surface where the lines are going to run, leveling the ground we assure that the pipe will rest properly underground.

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Concrete Layer!

The pipe is installed, sealed and surrounded with soil, protected with a layer of plastic and rebar to hold the concrete that will dry on top of it.


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