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Concrete Slab Repair and Subfloor Repair

Concrete Slab Repair and Subfloor Repair

Total Remodelers took care of this dangerous situation in this apartments, the concrete slab was loose and and inclined, residents would feel it shaking when stepping on it and discomfort and complains were a daily problem.

1w 2w

The apartment complex managed fixed all the problems by calling us!

3 basic steps to the project

Removing Old Structure, Building a new one

4w 3w

We tool all the debrief and pieces of old rotten wood out of the way, we installed the wood structure and frame to receive the new concrete slab.

5w 6w

We tested the structure and added the structure under the roof, and fortified the main frame.


After the concrete was poured and dry Total Remodelers takes care of all the cleaning and leaves the area ready for the residents to enjoy the new and safe area.

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