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Floor Replacement – Dark Wood

Floor Replacement – Dark Wood

Dark Wood Wins in this project!

This project starts with a recently purchased home by a family of 4 people, they had title floor installed in their kitchen and living room, their desire was for a dark floor look in their living room to contrast with nicely blue padded couch.

imagen1 This White walls and big window illumination allows this family to go after their dark floor preference.The title was not making good contrast with the rest of their furniture and a decision had to be made, title needed to be removed.
A Total Remodelers architect presented the family with many options on material and pricing for their home,  the final decision was the dark wood laminated finish.And the results were awesome!

Finished Work Wide Shot


This is the Totel Remodelers process,

Furniture Protection

3All work by Total Remodelers includes furniture protection, this house had great white cabinets and countertop.All surfaces covered and protected allow us to continue with the next step which is title removal.

Title removal.


Total Remodelers takes all the title off the floor using specialized tools that keep concrete healthy and strong,All the Title Debrief are removed from the area and

The square footage of the house

 Floor Cleaning and Surface Installation

2 3

We cleaned all the living room and kitched area and started placing the new material for the installation, the concrete surface is prepared and primed for the new floor to settle tight and neat.

Supervise the drying process and take pride in the work done


The greatest satisfaction is seeing our clients reaction to their desired look on their house, we take pride in every project.

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