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Total Kitchen Remodeling – by Total Remodelers

Total Kitchen Remodeling – by Total Remodelers

Sometimes having the same area with the same looks over years can make your routine so neutral, lookin always at the same kitchen can dull your days, sometimes you need to change your environment and call Total Remodelers!

Need for a change

Our amazing clients needed a full change in their kitchen, they wanted to see something different, they called Total Remodelers for the project and we showed up on scene.

These pictures show you the new cabinets being placed the initial color of the wood.

1w 2w

Total Remodelers Hands-On

We installed a new matching countertop in place, shaped by our crew it to the specific dimensions needed, also the sink and appliences were placed in the correct order during the project.

3w  5_w

Details Make the Difference

There are some specific things that we know that across years of experience we know that make a big impact on the look and feel of the kitchen, the same height hanging lamps on the center island make a great concetpt along with the backsplash title around the walls.

4w 7w

Final Result!

This is the amazing result of  wanting a change, Total Remodelers and our years of experience! Many kitchens over the years have experiencing full remodelings by our crew, give yourself an idea with a free quote! Give us a call 817.966.0925




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