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Total Remodeles Awesome Retaining Wall Project

Total Remodeles Awesome Retaining Wall Project

You can protect not only your residents but your property itself, as time passes by areas in your property  start to wear out and maintenance is necessary, we at Total Remodelers know that, check this area for example, this property had a rail road ties retaining wall,  it became fragile and now it started to become a problem for the residents because of the debrief that drops out of it.

This is something that Total Remodelers can change into a success story.

Removing Old Rails and Concrete Base

IMG_1134 IMG_1150

Its very important that they are removed carefully to not cause more damage to the support of the concrete area. Concrete and rails are removed, its amazing how much debrief this projects cause, Total Remodelers take all of it from your property.

Bringing and Placing Rails

The important part in this stage of the project is to bring the Rails strategically so there is space for Total Remodelers to work and keep a safe area for residents to walk and access every part of the property.

Rails and Concrete Work

After the Rail Structure is placed fresh Concrete starts to be poured to build a firm walkway.

Total Remodelers – Extra Safety!

The installation of a metal spindles was suggested to increase the safety for the residents, specially for children.

Cleaning and Finishing!

Check out the strong defined area, safe and good looking walkway division and retaining wall!

IMG_1210 copy IMG_0963

Give us a call for making this amazing work at your apartment complex. 817 966 0925

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Total Remodelers are always ready to get the job done quick, no matter how big the challenge, When we say total, we mean it!



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