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Upgrade your kitchen! – Title Backsplash and Countertop!

Upgrade your kitchen! – Title Backsplash and Countertop!

When homes and apartments are built in series there is little space for design and details, same paint egg shell color, standard countertops and same look everywhere.

Total Remodelers constantly suggests these two changes to kitchens to move them out of the common and add some joy to kitchens.

This was the initial look, standard countertop and standard egg shel paint behind appliances



Title Backsplash Selection

We provide many different suggestions  from a wide variety of Title Backsplash, and we also help you choose with the one that will match your kitchen and countertop best.

Backsplash Title Upgrade

As always, Total Remodelers removes and protects everything on the working area, for example, removing furniture like stove, refrigerator, microwave and covering areas with protective plastic are part of our normal working guidelines.
In the bottom picture you can see the Title Bacsplash the Clients picked and part of it already installed.

Countertop Upgrade

Total Remodelers will present you with a wide set of options with colors and textures and help you choose the best match, these are samples of countertop options
th-1 th
Detailing and Cleaning
Here you have two of our crew members detailing corners and leaving the area clean and free from stains.
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