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Bad Weather, damaged Car Ports and Total Remodelers

Bad Weather, damaged Car Ports and Total Remodelers

We have recently witnessed how water and wind can destroy so many things in our properies and homes, for example this photographs below are from an apartment complex after a heavy thunderstorm.


You can see in the picture above that the roof bent and different areas where bent, and basically the whole structure was damaged.


The car ports where useless and risky to be around in the property, the apartment manager decidad that it was time to call Total Remodelers to take care of the situation.


We came and restored the area back to regular use and safe! Some parts of the structure were useful but some where not, rescuing as much as possible we brought these car ports back!


We added extra safety by welding points that made them more resistant in case another storm passes by.


We installed a longer flat room which residents love to give their cars more protection against the sun and hail


If something has been damaged in your property due to weather condition call, we will be there helping you on solving that problem quickly. Call 817 966 0925



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