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3 main Steps on How to change your floor with Total Remodelers!

3 main Steps on How to change your floor with Total Remodelers!

After choosing and buying your new floor the three main steps that follow are;

Remove Old Floor

The first thing to do is to clean up the area that you are going to work in, Total Remodelers makes a work plan by areas, we move and protect all the furniture according to the size of the house and the times that the installation steps need.

To remove the old floor you need the right tools, in this home we had two types of flooring, the vinyl and the carpet, our crew members are quick and the old floor is no challenge for them.


Clean Work Area

Total Remodelers cleans areas during every step of the process, we recommend you to remove the debrief to the patio and storing it on bags and keep all areas clean, we make sure every area is accessible too.

All this old carpet rolls and floor remainings are stored in an area on the garage or patio and it will be properly disposed by the Total Remodelers trailer.

remove_carpet1 remove_carpet2

Install new floor

In this project the new floor choice was porcelain floor. We utilize laser devices to make sure the alignment and title spacing meets our high Total Remodelrs standard.

titel_installation2 title_install1

If you are installing porcelain you need to take special care on the kind of grout and title that you choose it can make a big difference on the life span of you floor, we have years of experience noticing that every installation has different challenges depending on the material that our clients have and learnt over years of experience. Be sure to do your research or give us a call (817 966 0925) to help you choose the best materials.



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