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Concrete Slab – Total Remodeler’s Style

Concrete Slab – Total Remodeler’s Style

This apartment had a problem, residents started walking trough an area that was not supposed to be for walking! The grass started suffering the consequences and mud started forming in some area.

A great manager called Total Remodelers, we scheduled the visit same day and checked on the dead-grass ‘new’ walking area.


Total Remodelers Project Manager and the Apartment’s Manager determined that placing a concrete slab for the residents was the solution and we and started right away!

Total Remodelers team showed up to scene.

  • We took measurements and marked the area.
  • We laid down the wood frame for the concrete
  • And placed the iron rods.


Raw Material – Puring Mix

Bringing the material for the complete project is a few hours is part of our daily routine, and mixing and pouring and flattening concrete part of our craft box.



Completed Work

This is the completed work, residents walk now trough the apartment complex with no problems, no more mud and dead grass! Call us! – 817 966 0925

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