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Deck Restoration – 4 steps with Total Remodelers!

Deck Restoration – 4 steps with Total Remodelers!

This mid aged couple had seen their patio deck get worn out by time and wheather, they contacted us, of course we came out with a deck restoration idea for their patio and their memories.

The pain on the deck was worn out by the sun, years and years on it just dull the sharpness of that red color they had on it.

1 This is the initial, old and dusty paint on the deck. Some spots were already bare wood which was increasingly deteriorating.








Cleaning and surface sanding


With about 3 crew members this detailing process produces a re-edged and resurfaced wood that will allow new paint to be placed with a bright new color on it.

Total Remodelers ensures all the area is leveled as needed and all the dust and debrief is removed from the working area.








This is the cleaned and sanded area, the team is preparing the paint and letting the wood rest for some time before the paint soeaks into e wood!

The paint process is a breeze with the Total Remodelers team and the paint is applied in a snap, Total Remodelers crew includes professional painters and wood treatment professionals and the results speak for themselves.




Finished Work

After the needed layers of paint where applied the look and feel of this deck made its owners smile again and remember good times in their patio with their pfamily and friends. If you or a loved one has a patio, pergola or deck, don’t hesitate to call us.

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