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Home Transformation – Floor, Kitchen and Exterior Paint

Home Transformation – Floor, Kitchen and Exterior Paint

If you want to revitalize your home, there are 3 things that can make a huge difference, Total Remodelers took care of the appearance and look of this home in 3 different areas, talking with our clients we recommend the that will make the biggest difference and make it happen.


It is one of the most important things for the theme of the house, color, texture and kind of floor determine if its a modern, simplistic, conservative or edgy home style.

In this case, we changed to a dark title floor in several sections of the house to add a modern style to the home

floor1    floor2

Kitchen Remodeling

We removed the old standard countertop for a solid marble one in the kitchen,

stove1 stove2

Total Remodelers shapes the marble to any custom size and dimensions in your kitchen


Once the stove was in place the sink side bacame our focus,

sink1 sink2

You can see how great the area looks now with the bright surface in the image below.


Exterior Paint

The impression the front face of your house is the one that stays on your families memories for years, our client decided to get rid of the worn out red color of his house and change it for a dark green option.

Roof1 Roof2

This home Remodeling was completed and as always, cleaning up and leaving every area spotless is our commitment.

MessinaTrashout  MessinaFinal2

Let Total Remodelers renew your perception of your home, Give us a call, Free Quotes 817 966 0925!






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