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How to Build a Super Pergola! by Total Remodelers

How to Build a Super Pergola! by Total Remodelers

This Client’s patio turned alive with a project that had been on the shelve for years, now the project turned into a reality and its just incredible!

This was the original look of the patio of the property,


Three main steps that Total Remodelers took in this project are;

Building the foundation

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This project required only one truck of cement for the foundation, the Total Remodelers crew easily managed to distribute the material over all the limited surfaces of the new foundation. and let it rest and dry for the next step.

Framing the pergola wood structure


This solid cedar structure matched home owners desire for his planned project,


Remember, Total Remodelers will make a 3D design for your project so you can have a better perspective on the desired aspect of the finished work.


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Starting with a great rock look title, water fountain, fireplace rock wall in the back and sealing the cedar wood the additions make the completion of the work a piece of art. Take a look:




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