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School auditorium Paint – By Total Remodelers

School auditorium Paint – By Total Remodelers

This School Auditorium needed a different look for many reasons but the most important one was that the school has professional live recordings and events, the light creamy color was not helping with the lighting for their events.


They called Total Remodelers to have all the auditorium walls changed to black, as always, quick and readya crew of Total Remodelers made this happen in this basic rules.

1. Protect the areas.


Added to the high skill level of our crew, we added extra protection to the instruments, auditorium chairs, carpet, doors and wood rails.

2. Synchronized work


When painting big areas there needs to be a plan of action, the amounts of paint required need to be mixed and prepared just in time for the team to apply it and syncroinize the layers of paint and timing. Part of our daily work.

3. Spotless clean area


After the layers of paint have been applied, Total Remodelers Crew leaves the work area as if no one had been there. No spots and stains guarantied.

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