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Subfloor Repair by Total Remodelers

Subfloor Repair by Total Remodelers

This project is one of a kind, not every contractor has the level of expertise to complete a successful sub floor repair like we do.

SubFloors start to wear and tear causing you to feel the floor uneven. That is the moment where you call Total Remodelers 817 966 0925


We can’t avoid what time can do to wood or when the Foundation moves but its important to act quickly because after some time the wood will become weak and you run the risk of it breaking and tumbling down causing a problem to the Sub floor.


Another Factor can be very high temperature and a combination of not having good insulation can do some real damage to the Sub Floor.

In addition to that, Plumbing water leaks can also come at anytime and can result in the rotting of the wood.


The Total Remodelers will remove the useless wood, reinforce the joists and stabilize the foundation so its ready to go!

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We value the safety of our customers! We ensure a high and efficient quality in work to ensure your satisfaction!


The next part of the project is to continue with the kind flooring that is your preference.

If you want an inspection of your Sub Floors or just a quote on your project fill this forms



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