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Total Remodelers Tip – Prevent Accidents – Protect your Residents

Total Remodelers Tip – Prevent Accidents – Protect your Residents

Its proven that a very high level of accidents on apartment and residential living happen when a person enters or exits a stair way, Total Remodelers knows that, and we know how to make your stairways be completely safe! The important part is how to identify that!

Example 1.



This stairway seems not to be as bad, but in reality its a very dangerous one, there is an uneven border right in the base on the last step! Small kids and seniors can easily trip over that step.

Total Remodelers Safety


Here you have Total Remodelers way of solving this problem, we created a completely even surface joining the last step with the rest of the slab, extending it under the stairs to make it even more solid.

Example 2.



What warnings can you see in this image? There are many things to consider here,

  1. The uneven surface is easy to spot.
  2. the last concrete step is loose.
  3. the last step is not even horizontal!

The Property Managers are exposing themselves to a difficult legal situation if these steps would’ve remained the same.

Total remodelers Safety

  1. Created a strong solid block of concrete to support the weight of the stairs
  2. We defined a larger area for the landing of the feet.
  3. Made the stair end even with the rest of the concrete area.


This are just basic security standards that Total Remodelers has, we have many recommendations to keep all the areas in your apartment complex or residence safe for everyone.

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