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Unbelievable Transformation – Fire Restoration

Unbelievable Transformation – Fire Restoration

Accidents Happen and we need choose to rise up and continue life, that is one of the reasons Total Remodelers enjoys building, restoring and helping people achieve their goals.

This family lived in an apartment complex and had the unfortunate experience of fire destroying their apartment.

This is how it looked when we entered the apartment



This is the moment when a resident or home owner can call us and make this mess be a less stressful situation.

Lets Start the Restoration!

Removing burnt material and destroyed carpet, wood, ceiling and sheet rock. Total Remodelers takes care of pulling only the damaged material and disposing of it properly.


The next part is removing all paint and furniture attached to the wall, installing new drywall, leaving everything clean and painted we can continue with the next part of the process.


Installing cabinets

After paint is ready cabinets need to be installed and treated to have the wood desired color tone. Other sections and work on the kitchen are the appliances installation, small title behind the stove, faucet and power sockets.


After all this elements are taken care of, the result is unbelievable! The kitchen that once was a pile of burn material comes back alive and stunning by Total Remodelers team.

If any given moment an unfortunate event strikes, please call us, we can take care of that problem for you. 817 966 0925




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