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Unexpected Damage – Porch Repair

Unexpected Damage – Porch Repair

This unexpected weather damage happen on one of the Yes Community Houses, the wather conditions made this metal-wood framed porch bend and become useless.


Of Course, Total Remodelers had the right repair with stronger materials that will make a new good looking front porch!

We brought all the material required and started the repair process the same day, after aligning the main frame we continued placing the metal top on the new steady and strong structure.


We painted every inch of the inside and outside view of the porch, with solid white resistant layers of Sherwin Williams paint. This structure will endure almos any weather conditions!

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The specific alignment on the joints of the structure and the clean cut make it a good looking porch!

Check the beautiful view from other angle of the patio, just an awesome work by Total Remodelers!

Give us a call 817 966 0925, don’t wait until your porch falls apart to remodel it!




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